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Learn About the Pests Infiltrating Your HomeKnow what the signs of bedbug, rodent and cockroach infestation are

The best way to fight troublesome pests is to know what you’re dealing with. Knowledge is better than any trap or pesticide. At Ehler’s Pest Management we always stay up to date on the latest pet-friendly, eco-conscious pest control methods to ensure we provide the most effective service possible.

By sharing some of our expertise with you we hope we can prevent an infestation before it happens by calling an experienced pest control expert. Identification and early detection are the keys to keeping your house secure from pests. The earlier that you identify a pest problem and contact Ehler’s Pest Management, the more time, money and hassle you will save.

Is You Landlord Responsible for Pest Control in Wisconsin?
Thursday, February 14, 2019
If You Discover Mice, Bedbugs, or Cockroaches in Your Rental Unit, There Are a Few Factors to Consider There have been several changes to Wisconsin law regarding tenant responsibility for pest control in recent years which may make it less clear about who is responsible for pest control in rental properties. Ultimately the best thing to do is cons...
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5 Wisconsin Pests Who Are More Active in Your Home During the Winter
Wednesday, January 09, 2019
These Critters Won’t Take a Hint; When Cold Weather Comes, They Invite Themselves Indoors While summer might be prime time for certain pests like mosquitos, hornets and crickets, there are some critters who flee to the warmth of your home when the weather gets chilly. You might not see these creatures all summer until they’re depending...
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