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Residential Pest Proofing Milwaukee Area

Milwaukee Area Exterminator Provides Preventive Pest Control Services to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Ehlers Pest Management in Milwaukee provides the preventative pest control Southeast Wisconsin trusts for expert results. Our Milwaukee exterminators are specially trained to perform comprehensive household inspections to identify various pest points of entry. Ehlers Pest Management will also provide you with valuable pest-proofing tips to keep pests from returning, such as:Bed Bug Exterminators Shorewood WI

  • Having your gutters cleaned
  • Storing piles of firewood away from your home
  • Sealing anyhousehold gaps where pests can enter
  • Using door sweeps
  • Adding a chimney cap
  • Using vent covers on floor vents or adding mesh wire traps on high-reaching vents

Winter Pest Control Services In Milwaukee

Why winter is actually the most important time of year for pest management services

Many homeowners around Milwaukee think that when winter comes, there’s no point in paying for pest control services. After all, the usual suspects seem to have gone into hibernation somewhere. How much damage can they do over a few months of winter?

A lot, actually.

We’ve seen extensive carpenter ant damage to wooden beams in attics, chewed up insulation from chipmunks and even exposed electrical wires from mice and rats chewing on them. Rodents love to gnaw on wires to keep their continually growing teeth under control. The resulting exposed electrical wires can cause a short in your home’s electrical system—or much worse.

As exterminators, we’re concerned mostly about those pests that can cause real damage to homes. Around Milwaukee, those are usually termites and carpenter ants. These insects burrow deep into the ground for the winter, so unless there’s a major warming trend over the winter it’s unlikely they’ll be feasting on your wooden deck. Trouble is, they may have found their way inside your home before the cold set in—and they can cause serious damage before you even know they’re there.

Milwaukee pest control service for mice in attic
Mice love to sneak into attics when the weather turns cold. One pair of mice in your attic will lead to hundreds of mice within a year.   

Rodents are also a concern. When the temperature falls, they'll look for any way to get into the warmth of your home. They can squeeze in through holes as small as 1/4" wide. And if the hole isn't large enough, they'll chew on it till it is. Once inside your basement or attic, the next stop for these freeloaders is your living quarters. Do you really want them scampering around inside your walls, chewing up electrical wires, getting into your pantry? And how would you feel about you or your children contracting salmonella or hanta virus from contaminated droppings they left on your kitchen counter?

Pre-Winter Home Inspection by an Experienced Exterminator--Have You Scheduled Yours?

One thing we strongly recommend is having an interior inspection of your home around the start of winter. We go up into attics and down into crawl spaces looking for evidence of rodents, removing spider webs and their eggs, and treating these infestation-prone areas to ensure pests will wish they had stayed out in the cold. We also seal up any openings where mice or other unwelcome visitors could enter your home. Attics require particular attention, as many insects and rodents will migrate there when temperatures start to drop in the fall.

Sure, you may save a little money by canceling your pest control service over the winter months, but it could end up costing you dearly in the long run. The only way to prevent unexpected damages is to stay vigilant. Start today by calling 414-303-6926 to learn more about our Milwaukee pest control service options.


The Pest Management Milwaukee Homeowners Trust for Safe, Effective Pest Control

Our Milwaukee pest management exterminators use proven, pet-friendly and environmentally responsible pest control tactics and formulas to effectively treat infestations without poisoning your home, your family or the environment. Depending on the pest problem you’re experiencing, our Milwaukee exterminators may apply spot treatment in problem areas or deploy an entire exterior barrier treatment. Whether you need bed bug extermination in Milwaukee or bee hive removal in Whitefish Bay, Ehlers Pest Management is the exterminator to call.

The best advice, however, is to not wait until you’re experiencing pest infestations. The damage they can do to your home and the wellbeing of your family can be devastating. The best approach is to prevent pests from ever getting a foothold in your home. Ehlers Pest Management recommends regular preventive pest control services to ensure pests stay outside. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest proofing services throughout Milwaukee and the southeast Wisconsin region.

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