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bedbugFrom the northern communities of Shorewood and Whitefish Bay down to Racine and Kenosha and all points east and west, bed bugs infiltrate homes in every neighborhood and of every income level. The misery they cause goes far beyond their diminutive size.

The first problem you come up against in dealing with them is, in fact, their size. Bed bugs are very small and hard to find. It is practically impossible to find and kill an entire bed bug population without the assistance of a professional Milwaukee pest control specialist. Do-it-yourself bed bug treatments are usually ineffective, and can even worsen the problem.

Fortunately, the Milwaukee bed bug control experts at Ehlers Pest Management have extensive experience eliminating severe infestations in both single family homes and multi-unit residential housing structures. We utilize a variety of methods to eliminate bed bugs. Most often, elimination is achievable through a combination of methods including manual removal, heat and pesticide product applications.

Eliminating Bed Bugs Isn't A DIY Project

You may read about DIY approaches to eliminating bed bugs on the internet. There is plenty of well meaning advice out there, but in most cases people end up having to call in a professional. There's no shame in that. Bed bugs are incredibly tenacious insects and they've become increasingly resistant to the most commonly used insecticides. Getting rid of them isn't easy.

Heat treatments are one proven method for killing off bedbugs. A word of caution is in order for anyone looking to try this on their own: The heat professionals use to exterminate bed bugs is an intense heat that is impossible to duplicate by simply turning up your thermostat. The temperature has to reach 120 to 135 degrees fahrenheit and stay there for several hours. For this kind of heat, special heaters need to be brought in. When we're done, your bed bug problem is over. Bugs and eggs--all dead.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to replicate this kind of heat by turning up your thermostat and running space heaters or industrial sized kerosene heaters. Not only is it unlikely you will ever reach anything close to the temperature necessary to kill bed bugs, but you may very well end up accidentally causing a fire. While that's one sure way to eliminate bed bugs, it's not one we recommend.

Our bed bug services include a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the bed bug infestation and a customized treatment solution that will solve the problem. Effective control methods and follow-up care ensure your bed bug problems are eliminated for good. Ehlers Pest Management offers bed bug pest control for homes, apartments, condos and businesses. Call Ehlers Pest Management today at 414-303-6926, or contact our Milwaukee bedbug exterminators online to schedule an inspection.

BedBugMilwaukeeBed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, up to a ¼ inch long. Bed bugs are nocturnal and small, making detection difficult. Bed bugs are often found in clothing, bedding, box springs, mattresses, furniture and walls.

A bed bug infestation is often evident in bloodstains on bedding and mattresses after the sleeper rolls over and crushes the bed bugs. Bed bugs exude a musty odor and leave dark brown or black spots of excrement, eggs and molted skin on infested surfaces.

Bed bugs can also be detected by their bite. Unlike other insects, bed bug bites appear in precise lines containing multiple red marks and causing an itchy, burning sensation. The bites also occur at night while you're sleeping, or attempting to sleep.

Bed Bugs Prevention and Elimination Tips

Quite Possibly The Pestiest of Pests

Bed bugs are a tough, durable species of insect and are notoriously difficult to completely eliminate. With extremely tiny bodies, natural brown camouflage, and a tendency to drop eggs everywhere they go, bed bugs are incredibly problematic for homeowners and businesses--especially hotels and motels.

Compounding the problem, bed bugs have become highly resistant to many types of commercial bed bug extermination products, and the infestation will start all over if you miss even one egg-laying female. Below are a few tips for bed bug prevention and strategies for dealing with a bed bug infested Wisconsin home.

Vacuuming and Laundry

Bed bugs, because of their size and ability to hide in almost anything, are difficult to fully remove from your home without the help of a professional Milwaukee exterminator and pest control specialist. The two most reliable methods of eliminating bed bugs on your own consist of extensive vacuuming and washing your bedding (and all of your clothing) in the hottest water your machine can produce on the longest cycle.

Be careful with vacuuming as bed bugs are known to infest vacuums. You'll need to throw away the vacuum bag in an outside trash can or thoroughly clean the vacuum canister if your vacuum doesn’t use a bag. Regular vacuuming can greatly reduce the number of bed bugs in your home, but it isn’t a perfect solution. Ultimately, you're fighting a losing battle when you consider a female bed bug will lay 200 to 500 eggs over the course of a 6 to 12-month lifespan.

Wrap your Mattress and Box Spring

Wrapping your mattress and box spring in a protective layer of plastic or urethane material is an often used method for eliminating bed bugs. New bed bugs won’t be able to enter your bedding and any bed bugs in the mattress and box spring won’t be able to escape the wrapping and will die after a while.

If you choose to try this, be sure the wrap is specifically designed for bed bugs and that there are no tears or damages to the outside of the wrap. Also, keep a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol (91%) by your bed. A shot of this kills bed bugs on contact. Since most of the bed bugs will be near your bed, this is an easy way to wipe out any you may find.

Don’t Throw Away your Bedding or Change Where You Sleep

A common initial reaction for most people dealing with bed bug infestations is to throw away their infested items or to move to another room or sleeping space. Both of these actions can actually make the problem worse and may spread your infestation to multiple areas.

If you carry an infested mattress out to be thrown away, bed bugs can drop off and invade new areas in your home. Moving to another room won’t solve your issues, either, as bed bugs can survive up to a year without feeding and will find you in your new sleeping area. Bed bugs can also be attached to your clothing, so you may end up just spreading the infestation to another room simply by having one on your clothing.

Freeze Any Clothing, Bedding Or Small Items With Bedbugs On ThemBed Bugs in Clothing

Just as extreme heat will kill bed bugs, so too will extreme cold. If you find bedbugs have taken up residence in a pillowcase, or have gotten inside the ipod dock on your bedside table, or are in your computer keyboard, put these items in your freezer for 2 to 3 days. The bed bugs and any eggs they've laid will be killed. All you have to do is throw away their remains. Obviously, you'll want to be careful about what you put in your freezer. If you have any questions about whether freezing an item will damage it, contact the manufacturer first.

If it's winter and you have a sofa or mattress infested with bed bugs and you have easy access to a patio or garage, you can try moving the item outside. A few days of being subjected to Wisconsin's winter temperatures will kill bed bugs. Just be careful when moving the item, since bed bugs can easily hop off and infest a previously unaffected area of your home. For mattresses and sofas, as well as other smaller pieces of upholstered furniture, it's a good idea to completely wrap the item with large plastic wrap.

Put Bed Bug Infested Clothing And Sheets In Your Dryer

While freezing works well to kill bedbugs, most people don't have a big enough freezer for both food and bed bug infested clothes and bedding. Don't worry, you can also kill bedbugs by putting them (and whatever clothing or bedding their on) in your dryer. Run it on the highest heat setting for 10 to 20 minutes. If you have "dry-clean only" clothing, you can safely run them through a dryer cycle at medium heat--assuming they are dry to start with! Don't put any wet "dry clean only" items in the dryer unless you plan on shrinking 5 sizes along with them.

Lastly, although it may be tempting to put everything in a big bag and take it to a laundermat where you can dump it in a giant-sized dryer, please don't do this. The odds of a few bedbugs jumping ship on their way into the oversized dryer are exceedingly high. Where will they go? Into someone elses laundry, most likely!

Traveling? Keep Bed Bugs From Hitching A Ride Home

  • When you check into a hotel room, use the luggage rack for your suitcase. Never leave it sitting on the floor (even if it’s closed) and NEVER flop it on the bed and open it up!
  • Pull back the sheets on the bed and look for any insects, or signs of insects. Look all the way at the foot of the bed, too. Peel back each layer of bedding--blanket, sheet, mattress cover, mattress pad. Then, look inside the pillow case. Be careful to look in seams and crevices where bed bugs hide. Lift up the corners of the mattress and look underneath for signs of any bed bugs. Look under the box spring, too.
  • Look at everything within a 5-foot radius of the bed--that includes behind the headboard, on the bedside table, and on and under any chair or other furniture near the bed. Is there a Bible in the nightstand? Look in the binding--this is exactly the type of place where bedbugs love to hide.
  • Don’t use dresser drawers for your clothing. If you have to, hang up clothing in the closet.
  • If you spot any bed bugs, even dead ones, immediately leave the room, insist on a refund, and book a room at another hotel. Seriously, bringing home a bed bug infestation is a far greater hassle than checking into a different hotel. If you can't get a room at another hotel, go through the same thorough inspection you did on the other room.

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