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Signs You May Have a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Bites on your skin - bed bugs tend to leave red welts on your skin when they bite you
  • Case skins - as bed bugs grow, they shed their skin and leave casings lying around
  • Droppings - bed bugs often defecate in the bed, leaving black and brown stains
  • Seeing the bugs - adult bed bugs are small, round, and brown, about the shape and size of an apple seed

If you see any of the above signs of bed bugs in your home, you need to call the pest control professionals at Ehlers right away! Bed bugs will only get worse if they are left untreated, which means you need a team of professional exterminators right away.

Ehlers Pest Management is SUCCESSFUL where other companies fail.

Bed Bug Extermination MilwaukeeBed bugs infiltrate homes in every neighborhood from Shorewood and Whitefish Bay down to Racine and Kenosha. The misery they cause goes far beyond their diminutive size.

The first problem you come up against in dealing with them is, in fact, their size. Bed bugs are very small and hard to find. It is practically impossible to find and kill an entire bed bug population without the assistance of a professional Milwaukee pest control specialist. Do-it-yourself bed bug treatments are usually ineffective and can even worsen the problem.

Fortunately, the Wisconsin area bed bug control experts at Ehlers Pest Management have extensive experience eliminating severe infestations in both single family homes and multi-unit residential housing structures. Most often, elimination is achievable through a combination of methods including manual removal, heat and pesticide product applications.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are reddish-brown, up to a ¼ inch long. Bed bugs are nocturnal and small, making detection difficult. Bed bugs areAffordable bed bug heat treatment exterminators in Milwaukee often found in clothing, bedding, box springs, mattresses, furniture and walls.

A bed bug infestation is often evident in bloodstains on bedding and mattresses after the sleeper rolls over and crushes the bed bugs or after the sleeper is bitten. Bed bugs exude a musty odor and leave dark brown or black spots of excrement, eggs and molted skin on infested surfaces.

Bed bugs can also be detected by their bite. Unlike other insects, bed bug bites appear in precise lines containing multiple red marks and causing an itchy, burning sensation. The bites occur at night while you're sleeping, or attempting to sleep.

Eliminating Bed Bugs Isn't a DIY Project

There is plenty of well-meaning DIY advice out there about eliminating bed bugs, but in most cases people end up having to call in a professional. Bed bugs are incredibly tenacious insects and they've become increasingly resistant to the most commonly used insecticides. Getting rid of them isn't easy.

Heat treatments are one proven method for killing off bed bugs. The heat professionals use to exterminate bed bugs is intense and impossible to duplicate by simply turning up your thermostat. The temperature has to reach 120 to 135° F and stay there for several hours. For this kind of heat, special heaters need to be brought in. When we're done, your bed bug problem is over. Bugs and eggs—all dead.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to replicate this kind of heat by turning up your thermostat and running space heaters or industrial sized kerosene heaters. Not only is it unlikely you will ever reach anything close to the temperature necessary to kill bed bugs, but you may very well end up accidentally causing a fire. While that's one sure way to eliminate bed bugs, it's not one we recommend.

Our bed bug services include a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the bed bug infestation and a customized treatment solution that will solve the problem. Effective control methods and follow-up care ensure your bed bug problems are eliminated for good. Ehlers Pest Management offers bed bug pest control for homes, apartments, condos and businesses. Call Ehlers Pest Management today at 414-303-6926, or Contact Ehlers Pest Management online to schedule an inspection.

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