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Bed Bugs Milwaukee Extermination and Pest Control

Bed Bug Exterminator Milwaukee Case Study

Ehlers Pest Management, the best Milwaukee bed bug exterminators and pest control management experts, have years of experience working in a wide variety of businesses and residences. From apartment complexes and high-rises to multi-unit dwellings, duplexes and homes, the Milwaukee exterminators at Ehlers Pest Management offer the best in Wisconsin bed bug pest control services.

Commercial Bed Bug Infestations: Eliminate Them Before They Kill Your Business

Bed bug infestations can kill your business.See if this sounds familiar: Tom and his wife Marie run a small hotel near Cedarburg, just outside Milwaukee. They had steady business and were known for providing comfortable accommodations at a fair price. Everything was going great until, unknown to them, some bed bugs checked in.

At first, it was just a few guests in room 24 complaining of insect bites. Fearing the worst, Tom contacted a pest control company. By the time they got out to the hotel, guests in other rooms were also complaining of bug bites. Then, the infestation really spread. Not just to other rooms, but to the Internet.

All it took was a few disgruntled guests posting negative reviews of the hotel on social media sites. It was as if Tom and Marie’s hotel just dropped off the edge of a cliff. Although their pest control company eradicated the infestation, it took months of online damage control to get their hotel back to its pre-infestation occupancy rate.

If it happened at your hotel, or bed and breakfast, would your business survive?

Milwaukee Pest Control Experts Recommend Proactive Approach to Pests

After years of experience dealing with bed bug infestations throughout Milwaukee, Ehlers Pest Management recommends doing everything possible to nip a bed bug infestation in the bud. This means routine pest control services and vigilance on the part of your cleaning staff.

Our Integrated Pest Management program is built on deploying environmentally safe pest control products whenever possible, bringing in the “heavy guns” pesticides only when absolutely necessary. This approach has been proven successful at both businesses and homes throughout Cedarburg, Bayside, Fox Point and communities all over Milwaukee.

For your part, though, training your hotel’s cleaning staff to be on the lookout for bed bugs when changing bedding, or for signs of bed bugs—such as small, dark blood stains on the sheets from where the bugs have bitten guests—will go a long way toward giving you an early advantage in any infestation scenario.

If you do not have an ongoing pest control plan in place at your business, or would be interested in learning more about our approach, let us know. We will be happy to come meet with you, explain our methods, and give you an estimate for keeping your business pest-free.

About Ehlers Pest Management: John Ehlers, founder and owner of Ehlers Pest Management, spent years in the field managing the elimination and prevention of bed bugs in many Milwaukee inner-city high-rise, mid-rise and multi-unit establishments. Ehlers' experience with thermal remediation and the use of high-tech EPA approved extermination products has forged a solid foundation for the company and their ability to provide the general public with bed bug management quality found nowhere else.

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