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Top 4 Ways To Avoid Wisconsin Pests This Spring

The Bugs, Rodents and Creepy-Crawlers in Your House Are Just As Excited About Warm Weather as You Are.

Stepping outside on the first truly warm day of spring can be one of the most refreshing experiences of your year. Unfortunately the pests that are laying low in and around your house feel the same way. As the weather warms up, the bugs and rodents that were content to huddle up all winter may start stretching their legs to eat, breed and soak up some vitamin D.

  1. Eliminate Standing Water

    Both inside the house and out, standing water invites critters to make themselves comfortable in your neighborhood. It’s important to make sure that there are no leaks in your plumbing. Check under sinks, toilets and around the tub to ensure that there are no wet spots that bugs like cockroaches and silverfish can use as watering holes. 

     In your yard, make sure there aren’t any places where water is accumulating as this is prime breeding territory for mosquitos. Dump out any buckets and planters that might fill up with rain or melting snow. If you have a birdfeeder, replace the water periodically. Even sagging boat covers can contain enough water for a hatch of mosquitos.

  2. Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

    Ants and beetles love your kitchen for the same reason you do; it’s where all the yummy snacks are. A few simple tricks can prevent pests from gaining access to your pantry.

    It may seem obvious, but sweeping up periodically is a big help. Little crumbs are perfect morsels for worker ants to pick up and carry home. Ants are organized scavengers if there’s crumbs scattered everywhere, or a large source of food like spoiled fruit, they will quickly mobilize to gobble it up.

    Keeping loose foodstuffs in airtight containers also helps to keep beetles and weevils from getting a free lunch.

  3. Declutter

    Routine spring cleaning can really ruin the day of the spiders and rodents in your basement or attic. Stacks of cardboard boxes and storage containers create dark spaces where pests know they can skitter around undisturbed. Go through your storage spaces and get rid of anything unnecessary. Whatever you keep should be stored in sealable plastic tubs which can’t be burrowed into and inhabited by mice or rats.

  4. Give The Exterior of Your House a Quick Inspection

    Rats become more active during their breeding season from April to June, during that time they will try to get into your house any way possible. If you notice any holes in your siding or foundation ¾ of an inch or larger it could be used as an entrance for rodents. You can also make sure to install quality weather stripping beneath doors and keep your garbage cans covered to deny access to a rodent-buffet.

At Ehler’s Pest Management we stress prevention and targeted elimination. Following these steps can reduce the likelihood of having to deal with unwanted nuisance creatures in your home, but pests are by their nature annoyingly crafty and persistant.

Contact Ehlers Pest Management for elimination and ongoing prevention if you find yourself with unwanted houseguests.

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