Eco-Friendly Pest Control

The Ehlers Approach Safeguards the Environment, Your Family and Pets

Ehlers Pest Management believes in responsible eco-friendly pest control. Whether your home or property is overrun with critters, or you just want basic pest control maintenance; our team is dedicated to providing you with effective results in a responsible manner. Our unique 4-step integrated pest management (IPM) process of consultation, assessment, response and evaluation can remove pests in the safest manner.

We identify the root of the problem and work to resolve your current infestation while preventing future ones from returning. Our use of materials is limited, targeted and strategic to be safe for your pets, children and the environment.

If you're concerned about identifying what's in your home, check out our pest identification guide for more information on what critters look like, where they live, and how you can detect them.

Eco-friendly treatments in action

Ultimate Exterior Protection

Add Pro-Sprays to any existing plan to maximize control; or use exclusively against seasonal pests that show up in high numbers, such as Wasps, Box Elders, Stink Bugs, Lady Beetles, Millipedes, Spiders, and more! Our Pro-Spray applications maximize control and give our customers the peace of mind and results they need. Our Pro-Spray equipment enables our specialists to treat the exterior of your home and landscaping much more thoroughly with far more material than traditional equipment and methods.



  • Truck Mounted High-Powered Spray Unit with large tank capacity and 300’ Hose
  • Pro-Spray applications reach second and third story peaks where traditional equipment can’t.
  • Treatments penetrate exterior cracks much more thoroughly to help stop pest entry.
  • Pro-Spray applications apply a much higher volume of material than other methods and provide optimal control, results and value.

Recommended Treatment Frequencies for optimal control:

  • 3X Spring, Summer & Fall
  • 2X Spring & Fall
  • 1X On-Demand

Prepay for the season and save!

Pet Safe Exterminators

When you have pests in your home you want to make sure that your pets don’t get caught in the crossfire. Other companies will send inexperienced, ill-equipped exterminators to your home often in a hurry (not the best choice!). Hire the Best! Call Ehlers Pest Management today for quality service and results provided by professionals that care, and always have your family and pets' safety in mind.

Child Safe Pest Control

Finding a happy medium between maintaining a pest free home and ensuring the safety of your children and pets can be a real concern. When it comes to safety, there are many factors that fall into play, not just the type of product(s) being used. All too often these days, companies are sending out exterminators that are either inexperienced, ill-equipped, disgruntled, or in a hurry.  At Ehlers, we take care of our employees and treat them right; happy employees mean better service. We take extra care in properly training and outfitting our professionals with only the very best tools and supplies and see to it that our equipment is in good working order at all times. And just as importantly, we allot enough time for our technicians to perform safe, effective work. The Ehlers Approach will identify the source of your pest problem and employ a responsible solution to eliminate the problem without over applying products or leaving out devices that are unnecessary.

Other Commonly Treated Pest Problems

Experiencing unwanted Pests? Ehlers has you covered. Select the pest(s) you're dealing with below and request a solution.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

If you care about the environment, don’t hire a pest control company that will come to your home and "splash and dash", inappropriately apply products or harsh chemicals unnecessarily.  At Ehlers Pest Management, we’re always conscious of the way our methods and product choices impact the environment. We use products judiciously and effectively without creating a hazard for animals outside your home. Organic and environmentally safe solutions are possible. We post the Material Safety Data Sheets of the products we may use on our website. With the Ehlers guarantee, if you're not 100% satisfied with our services, we'll keep working until you are. 

Contact Ehlers Pest Management for organic and responsible pest control.


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