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The Ehlers Approach to Commercial Pest Control

Effective, Environmentally Responsible Pest Control Solutions for Businesses Throughout Milwaukee, Racine & Kenosha

The Exclusive Ehlers Approach employs an environmentally-responsible method of Wisconsin commercial pest control. This approach ensures pest elimination while safeguarding human health and the environment. Our Milwaukee exterminators pair sound science and innovative technologies with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to provide highly effective pest control solutions with minimal adverse environmental effects.

Commercial Pest Control Services Throughout Southeast Wisconsin

In addition to serving all of the greater Milwaukee area, Ehlers Pest Management serves businesses (and residences!) in the Racine and Kenosha areas. There are many pest control options available throughout southeast Wisconsin, but Ehlers is one of the few family-owned businesses. Our long history of effectively eliminating pest problems of all types and our commitment to the complete satisfaction of our customers is what sets us apart. If you need commercial pest control service in Milwaukee, Racine or Kenosha, contact us for scheduling and pricing information.

Ehlers 4-Step Approach for Commercial Pest Control:

  1. Consult Commercial Pest Control
  2. We consult with you to better understand your specific situation and unique needs. Our Milwaukee exterminators take their time in fully addressing any questions or concerns you may have before moving forward. 

  3. Assess
  4. A comprehensive inspection detects structural and environmental issues conducive to pests. Our pest control experts identify and evaluate the reasons behind your commercial pest problem and determine which methods will best resolve the problem quickly and responsibly. Often, our recommendation will involve making structural repairs or changes to prevent future infestations.

  5. Respond
  6. Our commercial pest extermation specialists will implement a custom pest control solution tailored to your needs. We take careful consideration of people, pets and the environment. Our focus includes sanitation, exclusion and environmental modification.

    We also consider the effectiveness of low-impact pest control methods such as mechanical devices, nontoxic traps and organic pest control solutions, thereby minimizing environmental impact. When pesticides are needed, applications are carefully made to target key areas with precision.

  7. Evaluate
  8. Our Milwaukee commercial pest control specialists carefully monitor and measure the results of our work to ensure your specific program is working. We follow up with you to communicate what was done, how it’s working and what to expect. We will also inform you of any needed property repairs or sanitation improvements we would recommend. As always, your Ehlers Pest Management commercial exterminator will take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns.

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