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Ladybugs and Other Beetles

Professional Ladybug Pest Control in Southeast Wisconsin

Ladybug Extermination WisconsinWhen your Wisconsin home or office building is overrun with insects that look like ladybugs, you can get rid of them with the help of the professional exterminators at Ehlers Pest Management. We offer comprehensive, environmentally-friendly pest control services to exterminate those pesky ladybugs, Asian beetles or other type of beetle found on your Southeast Wisconsin property.

Swarms of these bugs often occur during the autumn months, and large groups of them can be found wherever there’s sunlight. They might look like native ladybugs, but the ones invading your home are most likely their more aggressive relative: the Asian lady beetle. They’re often found in places such as:

  • Exteriors of houses and buildings
  • Outdoor areas with food or drink
  • Rock outcroppings
  • Outdoor decks and chairs
  • Window frames and crevices

We offer pest control services for a wide variety of infestations in the Wisconsin area. Whether you need to exterminate ladybugs or any other type of pest from your property, the professionals at Ehlers Pest Management can help! Give us a call to schedule an appointment with us today.




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Signs You May Have a Ladybug Infestation

  • Seeing ladybugs – The most obvious sign of a lady beetle infestation is the appearance of large numbers of bugs congregating on outside structures, cracks and gaps in siding, and inside walls and ceilings.
  • Seasonal climate changes – Late summer and early fall are when the beetles tend to infest homes and commercial buildings the most.
  • Yellow stains on indoor surfaces – Asian lady beetles may produce a yellow secretion on surfaces of homes and buildings they’ve infested.

If you notice these signs of ladybugs infesting your home, don’t spend a ton of money trying to get rid of them yourself – call the professional exterminators at Ehlers Pest Management today. We have the experience to get rid of your problem quickly and efficiently, and our eco-friendly chemicals ensure a safe environment for you and your family afterward.

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Trust Ehlers Pest Control for Your "Ladybug" Extermination

Ladybug infestations might seem relatively harmless, but often times they bite, leave yellow stains everywhere, and can leave a nasty smell wherever they go. Don’t try to get rid of them on your own—store-bought ladybug pesticides are harmful to your home and to the environment. Call the professionals at Ehlers Pest Management, and we can help you get rid of your pesky ladybug problem with pesticides that are safe for your children and pets.

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Characteristics of Asian Beetles

Asian lady beetle extermination near Milwaukee, WIThese oval-shaped pests range in color from tan to yellow to red. Some Asian beetles have many black spots, while others have no spots at all.

Asian beetles are most prominent in the fall when the weather turns cooler. Asian beetles begin to congregate outside homes in search of hibernating locations. They bite when agitated; the bite isn't serious, just annoying. In addition, they discharge a foul-smelling, yellow defensive chemical when threatened. This chemical may cause discoloration on walls and other surfaces. The chemical is not a health hazard, but may cause an allergic reaction.

If you are experiencing Asian beetles in your home, our Milwaukee exterminators will locate the infested areas and successfully eliminate the swarm. Upon invasion of your home, tens of thousands of beetles will take up residence in your attic, ceilings and even walls to keep warm over the winter months. The Asian beetles will eventually exit into the living areas of your home and completely take over. If this happens, let Ehlers Pest Management handle it.

There are a variety of exterior preventive measures homeowner can take to keep Asian beetles from entering a home. Cracks around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, chimneys, or any other openings should be properly sealed. Damaged screens on doors and windows should be repaired or replaced. These preventive pest control methods help, but do not guarantee against an Asian beetle invasion. Expert exterminating services are the most effective method for successfully preventing and eliminating Asian beetles.

Asian Beetle Infestations in Commercial Buildings

Due to larger square footage, more windows, and plenty of hiding places, Asian Beetle infestations in commercial and industrial buildings require professional pest control services. Our commercial exterminators in southeast Wisconsin provide indoor and outdoor extermination services for buildings of all sizes. We also identify key areas of compromised structural integrity to help your building avoid future infestations.

Pesticide applications applied by our Milwaukee-based pest control professionals deliver quick and effective Asian beetle pest control. We highly recommend having these services performed in late September or early October, just prior to Asian beetle swarming.

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