5 Wisconsin Pests Who Are More Active in Your Home During the Winter

These Critters Won’t Take a Hint! When Cold Weather Comes, They Invite Themselves Indoors

While summer might be prime time for certain pests like mosquitos, hornets and crickets, there are some critters who flee to the warmth of your home when the weather gets chilly. You might not see these creatures all summer until they’re depending on you to pay for their heating bill.

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Pest #1:

Some of the most resilient mammals are rodents. They’re willing to do anything to survive. Rats don’t hibernate, which means they’re awake all winter and constantly searching for a warm place to curl up for the night. Rats might be tricky and tough, but they aren’t subtle. You’ll know you have one if you see brown rat droppings the size of a grain of rice or smudges on surfaces. You may hear scratching noises as the pesky little home invaders skitter around inside your walls.

Pest #2:

One of the creepiest creatures that can find their way into your house during the winter is spiders. The most disturbing fact about house spiders coming out in the winter is that they have probably been hiding in your house for some time. Many spiders hatch in the spring, and by winter they are mature enough to stretch their long legs and begin wandering around to hunt and mate.

Pest #3:
Boxelder Bugs

Some pests aren’t dangerous, nor do they cause property damage, but their sheer numbers can make them an unpleasant nuisance. Box elder bugs fall into that category. In the winter boxelder bugs go dormant within the walls of houses and other nooks and crannies. On sunny or warm days, boxelder bugs can be awakened from their slumber and crawl into your house towards the warmth. Boxelder bugs do not reproduce indoors during the winter, but the sheer number of them invading your house can make it seem like they’re rapidly multiplying.

Pest #4:
Carpenter Ants

During the summer it may not be unusual to see one or two carpenter ants inside your home, but if you see them in the winter it might be a sign of trouble. Carpenter ants in your home during the winter can be an indication that they have begun nesting in the warmth of your house. Carpenter ants can cause serious structural damage to your house and should be eradicated immediately.

Pest #5:

Much like rats and mice, squirrels would prefer the warm cozy insides of your walls over a tree or outdoor den. These little climbers typically spend their winters curled up in nests in trees, but if they can find their way into your attic or walls they will take advantage of the safe space you provide. You’ll know you have squirrels if you see holes in your soffits or overhangs, especially into your garage or attic, or if you hear scratching and rustling in your walls.

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