Pest Control for Property Management & Rental Units

Eliminate Bed Bugs and Roaches in your Multi-Unit Buildings once and for all!

Tired of paying for service and not getting good results? Is your building experiencing an ongoing infestation other pest companies can't solve? Relax, you've come to the right place! WE SPECIALIZE IN ERADICATING BED BUGS AND ROACHES FROM MULTI-UNIT DWELLINGS! We succeed where other companies fail; our proprietary processes get results and will SOLVE even the most difficult bed bug and roach problems that linger in multi-unit buildings.

These days, more and more property managers are seeking alternatives to using the same Big-Box pest companies to handle all of their pest control needs.  Managers know they can rely on larger pest companies to get techs out to blast through their buildings quickly and service many units at a low cost. This may be the ticket for some light pest work or when you have an abundance of occupants with frivolous pest complaints; however, when it comes to solving bed bug or roach problems in multi-unit dwellings, it takes MUCH more time, effort and care to get the desired results. All too often the same "splash and dash" approach is used for bed bug and roach problems, and the problems don't get solved, they merely linger and spread. Sound farmilliar? If you are serious about actually solving a bed bug or roach problem, call the BEST! Call Ehlers Pest Management today!

Bed Bug Extermination for Rental Properties

Ehler’s Pest Management knows that eliminating pests quickly and thoroughly is a priority for landlords and property managers. Bedbugs can cause tenants to flee and cause more property damage the longer they’re left alone. Be alert for potential signs of bedbugs:

  1. Bites on the skin - bed bugs tend to leave red welts on your skin when they bite you
  2. Case skins - as bed bugs grow, they shed their skin and leave casings lying around
  3. Droppings - bed bugs often defecate in the bed, leaving black and brown stains
  4. Seeing the bugs - adult bed bugs are small, round, and brown, about the shape and size of an apple seed

Other Commonly Treated Pest Problems

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Ehlers Pest Management offers commercial pest control services for various industries and properties including:

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