Targeted & Preventative Pest Control in Mequon, WI

Ehlers' More Direct Form of Critter Elimination

Don’t waste time emptying aerosol cans of store-bought bug poison to no effect. Contact the pest control experts at Ehlers Pest Management. We use environmentally friendly chemicals in a controlled manner to eliminate the root of your pest problem, coupled with preventative measures to keep them out for good. We forego large-scale poison spraying and instead focus on the source with methods safe for your home and family. With Ehlers, there’s no nonsense, just honest pest control.

Pest control in Mequon, WI

Four Steps to a Pest-Free Home in Mequon, WI

A pest infestation in your home or business can start as an annoyance and quickly turn into a health hazard or property damage. Contact the green Mequon exterminators at Ehlers Pest Management before you’re run out of your house by bugs and critters. We use a four-step approach to containing and controlling an infestation:

  1. Assessment of the extent of the infestation
  2. Identification and observation of the pests to ensure any compounds or pesticides used will be effective
  3. Implementation of preventive measures to contain the pests or lead them to leave your property
  4. When necessary, elimination of the pests with environmentally-friendly chemicals

Elimination of Bed Bugs in your Mequon Home or Business

Bed bugs are one of the least fun pest infestations. With these bugs, a small problem can turn into a big issue very quickly. Bed bugs are resilient, making many DIY extermination methods to eliminate them ineffective. Instead of tackling these pesky bugs alone and potentially paying more down the road when it’s an even bigger problem, hire a local bed bug exterminator that’s fully committed to stopping the problem at the source. We’re never after churning new clients, only taking the time needed to get the job done.

Signs You're Dealing with Bed Bugs

  1. You have red welts on your skin caused by bites.
  2. You're finding old skin casings on your furniture left behind by growing critters.
  3. You're finding droppings or stains on your sheets or furniture.
  4. You have an unpleasant or musty odor around your house.

Other Commonly Treated Pest Problems

Experiencing unwanted Pests? Ehlers has you covered. Select the pest(s) you're dealing with below and request a solution.

Affordable Services Ehlers Offers for Mequon Properties

Dealing with pests on your own can be a hassle, but not when you hire experienced exterminators to handle your infestation problems. Ehlers will get rid of your pests at an affordable price, and our treatments are safe for your pets and children too. Our home & yard inspections help identify and monitor the pests for quick and easy elimination. Common infestations can even be handled in a day with our one-time treatment options. or custom extermination and prevention solutions geared to your exact situation, trust Ehlers Pest Management. We make the process of pest control easy with automated billing, digitized and detailed reports, world-class software and real-time reporting. 

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