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Pest Control Services in Menomonee Falls

Professional Exterminator Services Keeping Menomonee Falls Homes Free From PestsMouse and Rodent Exterminators in Menomonee Falls

Ehler’s Pest Management has been providing quality pest control services to Menomonee Falls homeowners and property managers for years. If you’re experiencing problems with mice, bedbugs, box elder bugs or any other nuisance pest, give us a call before a few critters turns into a full-blown infestation.

A pest invasion in your home might begin with one or two critters can quickly turn into a hazardous invasion which can be dangerous to live with and expensive to deal with. Having an invasion in a commercial building or business can have huge financial repercussions. Call Ehler’s Pest Management right away if you suspect that you might be in the early stages of a pest invasion.

Bed Bug Exterminators Near Milwaukee

Bed bugs can be an absolute terror once they gain a foothold in your house. Even one female bedbug can lay hundreds of eggs and turn your life upside down in a short amount of time. Untreated bedbugs in your home can result in:

  • Welts and bites on your skin
  • Constant skin irritation
  • Itchy, swollen bumps on your skin
  • Dangerous diseases spread through the welts, such as Hepatitis B

Bed bugs can not be eliminated with store bought treatments. Attempting to eliminate bedbugs yourself can drive them deep into hiding and resurface later when you think you’re in the clear.

Don’t take chances with bedbugs, call Ehler’s Pest Management to clear them out once and for all.

Environmentally-Conscious and Pet-Friendly Exterminators in Menomonee Falls, WI 

Ehler’s Pest Management treats pest infestations with targeted strategies and green chemicals that are easy on the environment and safe for children and pets. By treating the source of infestations and taking measures to prevent them from returning, we provide quick, thorough and lasting critter elimination.

Contact Ehler’s Pest Management now for a free quote on Pest Control Services near Menomonee Falls.