Pest Control for Crickets: Safe for Pets and Children

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Trust Ehlers Pest Management, Milwaukee's #1 cricket control company. We use the latest formulas and treatment techniques, including eco-friendly options, to eradicate crickets from your property. Whether the crickets are outside, around your garage or inside, we'll provide a custom solution for your needs. With Ehlers, there are no gimmicks—just pest control.

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Signs You May Have A Cricket Infestation

  • Chirping sounds – The most obvious sign of a cricket infestation in your home or building is a constant chirping sound.
  • Seeing the crickets – Cricket infestations tend to occur in basements, and the insects are about an inch long with variances in color, from brown to shiny black.
  • Chewed fabrics, paper, and molding – Crickets often feed on household materials, including wallpaper, fabrics, old food, and even other insects.

For more identification tips, check out our pest identification guide.

Milwaukee Cricket Identification

Field crickets are the most commonly found cricket in southeastern Wisconsin. They are black or brown and grow up to 1.5 inches in length. Crickets multiply astonishingly fast. Newly hatched crickets will mature over the course of a year, and in fall the tiny crickets you saw hopping around outside your house will be full-grown and looking for a warm place to spend the winter—namely, your house!

Crickets have a remarkable ability to make a meal out of just about anything. When they’re feeding outdoors, all is good. But once they take up residence in your home, their affects can be widespread.

In a full-blown infestation scenario, you’ll have thousands of crickets literally eating the contents of your home from the inside out. To make matters worse, your sleep will suffer. There’s nothing charming about their chirps when it’s coming from inside your house.

What crickets eat in your home:

  1. Other insects (both dead and alive)
  2. Discarded paper and fabric (i.e. your clothing, curtains, and carpet)
  3. Garbage
  4. Mold and algae
  5. Wood (particularly damp or moldy wood in cabinets under sinks and subfloors under bathrooms)
  6. The glue holding wallpaper to the wall (and the wallpaper)
  7. Food (in your kitchen, in your garbage can, and in your pet’s food bowl)

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Don’t take our word for it, your neighbors in Milwaukee, Glendale, Franklin, and other surrounding counties have relied on Ehlers to have a healthier, cleaner and safer home or business. Find out what they have to say! Ehlers Pest Management is not the next cheap solution. While other pest control companies might do the bare minimum to eliminate your problem, we go the extra mile and take the time needed for full extermination. Our team is not interested in volume and churning new clients. Only providing custom solutions for clients that gets them back to what’s more important in life. With automated billing, digitized and detailed reports, world-class software and real-time reporting, we make pest control seamless.

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