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Pet & Child Friendly Treatments for Annoying Pests

Dealing with insect or rodent pest infestations can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous when attempting do-it-yourself methods. Why waste your time and money? For a home pest exterminator you can TRUST, call Ehlers Pest Management.

Our family and eco-friendly extermination methods provide complete pest removal in homes across Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. With Ehlers, there are no gimmicks, just honest extermination approaches.

Curious what's invading your property? See our pest identification guide for more information or contact us.


Pests We Treat:

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Available Home Pest Services

Ehlers Pest Management is your complete resource for home pest control. We have years of experience in extermination and pest removal methods using environmentally responsible, pet-friendly products. Don't suffer any longer! Pests are not only a nuisance, they can also spread diseases and damage your home.

Home Pest Proofing

Shield your home from unwanted pests with Ehlers Pest Management's home pest-proofing services. The Ehlers’ team employs strategic pest-proofing measures to protect your residence, ensuring a pest-free environment. Safeguard your peace of mind and contact us for effective pest protection across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Outdoor Pest Removal & Abatement

Trust Ehlers Pest Management for effective outdoor pest removal & abatement. Our specialized services target pests at the source, restoring and protecting the outdoor spaces on your property from future invasions. Reclaim your surroundings – contact us for a pest-free outdoor environment.

Thorough Home & Yard Inspections

Rely on Ehlers Pest Management for thorough home & yard inspections. Our meticulous inspections cover every nook and cranny, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of potential pest issues in and around your home. Take proactive steps towards a pest-free environment by scheduling your inspection with us today.

Available 1-Time Treatments

Only need a single treatment? Experience the convenience of available 1-time home treatments from Ehlers Pest Management. Our efficient and targeted approach ensures effective pest control with a single visit.

Get Preset Treatments on Your Schedule with Seasonal Pest Programs

Ensure year-round peace of mind with Ehlers Pest Management's seasonal pest programs, offering preset treatments tailored to your schedule. Our proactive approach keeps pests at bay throughout each season, providing you with a hassle-free solution for consistent pest control. Optimize your pest management with our available yearly pest packages today.

Other Commonly Treated Pest Problems

Experiencing unwanted Pests? Ehlers has you covered. Select the pest(s) you're dealing with below and request a solution.

Home Pest Remove Using Integrated Pest Management

The exclusive Ehlers approach is an environmentally-responsible action plan for pest management that provides elimination while safeguarding human health and the environment. Ehlers combines sound science and innovative technologies with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to provide you with cost-effective, timely and affordable solutions that are flexible to your specific pest situation. Our team is friendly and comes prepared to provide the necessary service required to completely eradicate the pests you're experiencing.

No-Nonsense Residential Pest Control

At Ehlers Pest Management, your pest problem is our top priority. While other pest control companies focus on volume and doing the bare minimum before heading off to their next job, Ehlers gets the job done by focusing on you. We're not interested in volume and churning new clients, but rather taking better care of the customers we have with a no-nonsense approach to pest control that gets you back to what's important in life. With automated billing, digitized and detailed reports, world-class software, and real-time reporting, we're equipped to make the process as smooth and accessible for you as possible.

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