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If you are dealing with a pest infestation in your Union Grove home or office space, you may not know what can be done about it. Don’t try to get rid of them yourself – call the professionals at Ehlers Pest Management today to handle your pest problem the right way. Whether you’re dealing with termites, bed bugs, or even fleas, the experts at Ehlers know exactly what is needed to get rid of your pest quickly and effectively.

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Comprehensive Commercial Pest Control for Less

Work in a restaurant and are dealing with an ant infestation? Or maybe your office building is infested with flies? The professionals at Ehlers Pest Management offer commercial pest control services in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and the surrounding areas in southeast Wisconsin area. Our team of professionals is available to help you with whatever pest problem you may be having.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control for Homes and Businesses in Union Grove, WI 

Ehlers Pest Management is proud to use an environmentally-responsible method of pest management for Union Grove homes and businesses. We ensure all our pest control methods are eco-friendly and child-safe, and our 4-step integrated pest management process allows us to make sure you’ll never have to deal with pests ever again: 

  1. Assessing the extent of the infestation, and whether it even is an infestation
  2. Identifying and monitoring the pests to ensure any compounds or pesticides used will be effective
  3. Implementing any preventive measures which may contain the pests or lead them to leave your property
  4. When necessary, eliminating the pests through use of eco-friendly chemicals

Ehlers’ Green approach to pest management makes sure your home or commercial business is safe for children and pets. We are your best choice for commercial pest control services in the southeast Wisconsin area.

Our team of exterminators serve a wide range of southeast Wisconsin homes and businesses, and we are available to help you with whatever pest infestation problem you’re having. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of pest control experts.

Bed Bug Exterminators in Union Grove

If you find small critters that are leaving casings from shed skin or droppings and stains on clothing, bedding, or furniture then you might have a bed bug problem. Bed bugs can cause red welts on your legs, arms, and back of the neck. These marks can become itchy and irritated, so getting rid of your bed bug problem is essential to your health. Ehlers can get rid of your bed bugs through manual removal, heat treatments, and eco friendly pesticides. Whether they're in your home or business, we can get rid of them to keep your family and guests safe and happy. 

Other Common Pest Problems We Encounter

In addition to bed bugs, we also see a lot of: 

Pest Management Services Available Year Round 

 DIY treatments might seem like the best and cheapest way to get rid of your pests, but they almost never work completely. You may get rid of some on your own but leave behind just enough for another infestation to form. Ehlers offers home & yard inspections that will help identify your problem, and find the perfect solution to get rid of whatever is taking over. We also have preventative methods that will keep infestations from returning. This can all be done in one day with our one time treatment service

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