Norway Rat Extermination for Southeastern Wisconsin

Ehlers Pest Management eradicates roof rat infestations through cutting-edge, eco-friendly methods. Our expert exterminators utilize innovative techniques to eliminate rodents while safeguarding your family, pets and home. We start with gentle, low-impact trapping strategies placed throughout your attic or business in Southeastern Wisconsin. For serious infestations, we safely use intensive yet sustainable solutions designed for your unique situation. Ehlers removes rats using the latest technology while prioritizing the well-being of you, your loved ones and the environment.

Top-notch, Affordable Rodent Control

Norway rats are burly rodents with bristly brown fur and small eyes. They have a knack for infiltrating Wisconsin attics and walls and leaving damage. They will gnaw on housing materials, create rough bite marks and leave capsule-shaped droppings with blunt ends throughout infested areas. The rodent experts at Ehlers Pest Management use humane and eco-friendly methods to fully eliminate Norway rat infestations. There are no upfront costs for Ehlers’ initial inspection and customized eradication plan quote. Trust Ehlers to prioritize your specific issue and rid your property of pests through quality, long-lasting solutions.


Franklin Norway Rat Exterminators

3 Signs You May Have a Norway Rat Infestation

  1. Damaged Walls & Wiring - Norway rats chew through walls, leaving holes, gnawed wood, chewed plastic and damaged electrical wiring.

  2. Droppings and Nesting - Norway rats create nests in your walls, leaving droppings and insulation debris.

  3. Nocturnal Movement  At night, listen for the soft skittering of rats in your walls and ducts. There’s a chance of seeing them in more common areas in the mornings.

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective on Norway Rats?

While ultrasonic pest repellers may appear to work at first, they rarely offer long-term rodent control. Rodents quickly grow accustomed to the high-pitched frequencies, using furniture and clutter to mute the sounds as they move. These devices also irritate household pets, whose sensitive hearing picks up the bothersome noises. Instead of wasting money on temporary gadgets, contact pest control experts for lasting solutions. Professional treatments from Ehlers Pest Management target infestations at the source, providing effective and humane rodent removal without harming your pets or your home.

Hire an Effective Milwaukee-area Pest Control Company

Forget temporary band-aids for pest management, get permanent rodent removal from Ehlers Pest Management. We provide customized solutions focused on total extermination, not just quick fixes. Our cutting-edge process includes digital record-keeping, real-time progress updates, and simplified billing for hassle-free pest elimination. With unrivaled expertise in long-lasting, effective rodent control, Ehlers rids your Wisconsin home or business of mice and rats for good. Don’t settle for temporary relief, trust our exterminators to solve your rodent problem once and for all.

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