Milwaukee-Area Roof Rat Exterminators

Ehlers Pest Management utilizes advanced and eco-friendly roof rat control techniques to safely and eliminate rodent infestations in Southeastern Wisconsin homes and businesses. Our expert exterminators have access to innovative solutions targeting roof rats while protecting people, pets and the environment. We start with low-impact methods like strategically setting humane traps. For severe infestations in large facilities, we employ more intensive methods while maintaining sustainability.

Affordable, Dependable Rodent Control

Roof rats are relatively small, agile rodents with the ability to access attics and wall spaces and cause damage to Wisconsin homes and businesses. Roof rats will gnaw on housing materials and often make nests within walls and attics. The rodent experts at Ehlers Pest Management use humane and eco-friendly methods to fully eliminate roof rat infestations. There are no upfront costs for Ehlers’ initial inspection and customized eradication plan quote. Trust Elhers to prioritize your roof rat problem and rid your property of these invaders through quality, long-lasting solutions.

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4 Signs You May Have a Roof Rat Infestation

  1. Gnawed Wood & Plastic - Roof rats gnaw holes in both inner and outer walls near the ground or roof gutters, chewing on wood and plastic in your walls or on cords near your walls. 

  2. Nests in Insulation - Roof rats build nests within your walls and attic in insulation and debris while scattering droppings in their path. 

  3. Chewed Electrical Wiring - You may identify a serious rodent infestation by finding gnawed electrical wires within your building's walls. 

  4. Soft Skittering at Night - When your home is quiet, you might be able to hear roof rats moving through the walls and ducts of your home.

Are Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Effective on Roof Rats? 

Though ultrasonic pest repellers may initially seem effective, they often fail to provide lasting rodent control. Mice quickly adapt to the frequency of the sounds, and simply use furniture and boxes to muffle the noise as they move. Ultrasonic devices also can provide just as much of a disturbance to your pets as they would to pests. Rather than waste your money on short-term fixes, invest in professional treatments to safely eliminate infestations as the source.

Hire an Effective Milwaukee-area Pest Control Company

Don’t settle for a quick fix. Get a lasting solution from the rodent control experts at Ehlers Pest Management. Unlike companies peddling cheap, short-term fixes, our focus is full, permanent extermination customized to your situation. Our cutting-edge process features digital reports, real-time updates and streamlined billing so you can eliminate pests worry-free. Trust Ehler’s for effective, long-term rodent control without the hassle.

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