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Ehlers Pest Management is your trusted local ant exterminator for Franklin, offering safe and effective ant removal services. Our licensed experts tailor their approach to address all ant species in the area by inspecting your property, identifying entry points and nests and creating an eco-friendly pest management plan. We apply treatments and seal entry points, remove food sources and take all necessary steps to permanently eliminate ant infestations.

Franklin Ant Extermination Solutions

Our first step toward creating a pest-free environment starts with a meticulous property inspection led by one of our pest management specialists. During the process, we pinpoint the invading ant species and determine the underlying cause. Then, we implement a customized solution utilizing state-of-the-art insect extermination and removal techniques carefully selected from our arsenal of advanced pest control products.

Franklin, WI Ant Exterminators

How to Identify an Ant Infestation

Ant infestations often go undetected until they become a major nuisance. Stay aware of these early clues and take care of an invasion before ants inflict extensive damage:

  1. Ant Trails: Keep an eye out for ant trails, which are distinguished by a line of ants that is always moving. These tracks are an unmistakable sign of ant activity.
  2. Little Heaps of Debris: Look for little heaps of dirt or debris next to openings or crevices. Ants frequently expel stuff while they dig their nests.
  3. Winged Ants: A mature ant colony prepared for reproduction can be identified by the presence of winged ants indoors, especially when they are numerous.
  4. Wood Damage: Carpenter ants are well known for causing damage to wood constructions. Look for damaged or hollowed-out wood, which is a telltale sign of their existence.
  5. Rustling Sounds: Keep an ear out for any rustling or crinkling noises in the walls or ceilings that might be caused by ants moving inside.
  6. Fecal Matter: Check for ant feces, which resemble tiny flecks of sand or dirt and might accumulate close to breeding locations.

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Why You May Have an Ant Infestation

Ant infestations often start small before growing into major nuisances. In Franklin, the hot, humid summers provide ideal conditions for ants to multiply rapidly. Kitchens and pantries with spilled food and open containers can attract ants searching for resources. Small cracks in walls, floors or foundations also allow ants to sneak inside and begin establishing colonies.

Reasons to Immediately Combat Your Ant Infestation in Franklin

If ants have already infiltrated your Franklin home or business, swift and thorough treatment is essential. Ants are adept at spreading once inside, forming colonies and creating hidden nests. They can contaminate surfaces and foods with bacteria-laden trails. Ant species common in Franklin like carpenter ants can severely damage wood. Attempting do-it-yourself treatments often fall short of fully eliminating ant colonies. The most effective approach is contacting a professional pest control company. The experts at Ehlers Pest Management can accurately identify species, thoroughly inspect for nests and implement customized treatments to get rid of ants and prevent future invasions. Don’t put it off - call the pros to effectively protect your property from ant damage.

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