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A store-bought can of bug spray or treatment can help slow down an infestation of bugs, but it only takes a few surviving pests to restart the invasion. Pet-friendly pest control services are provided by the qualified technicians at Ehlers Pest Management in Sturtevant. To prevent your unwanted houseguests from returning, we'll work until there are no survivors. Get straightforward pest control in Sturtevant from a nearby business that is committed to completely eliminating your pest issues.


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A bothersome pest infestation can easily develop into property damage or even a health risk. Speak with a trustworthy local exterminator in Ehlers Pest Management before your home or commercial property is overtaken by pests. To contain and manage an infestation, we employ an integrated 4-step pest management approach, which consists of:

  1. Evaluation of the infestation's extent
  2. Identifying and observing the pests to guarantee the efficacy of any compounds or pesticides applied
  3. Putting preventative measures in place to keep pests at bay or entice them to leave your property
  4. When required, use environmentally friendly chemicals to eradicate the pests

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Best interaction I've ever had with pest management. John runs his business with integrity, answered all of our questions and concerns with patience and kindness, and worked quickly and effectively. Highly recommended.

Mauriah Donegan from Whitefish Bay

Fantastic! Great service and great results!

Monica Herbig from Glendale

John is great! He comes out right away and takes care of the problem immediately! Highly recommended.

Sue Kelley from Milwaukee

We have used John Ehlers services for the past 5 years. He uses the best products that are safe for our kids and animals. John always takes his time to answer our questions and concerns. He is dependable, and I would definitely recommend him for any pest or insect issues.

Robyn Miceli from Franklin

Ehlers Pest Management is an excellent company. John is always on time. He provides a status on the "activity" on the premises. He is personable as well as gets results. Our 'activity' is down to a minimum. The pesticides that he uses work for us. Just thankful.

Pamela Lewis from Kenosha


Without a skilled professional's efficient removal, bed bugs spread quickly. By spreading to new locations, bed bugs can multiply when DIY methods are used, exacerbating the issue. If you notice any of the following signs of bed bugs in your Sturtevant residence or place of business, get in touch with Ehlers:

  1. Shell casings from shedding
  2. Black or brown stains on bedding, furniture, or clothing
  3. Red and itchy bite marks on the skin
  4. A musty odor in your house

While some pest control businesses only provide the barest minimum, Ehlers Pest Management prioritizes providing total eradication of bugs and other pests from your home. This includes bed bug control. Additionally, if you only require a single treatment, we will never try to sell you a 12-month program.

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To eradicate pests from your Sturtevant house or place of business, Ehlers provides a range of services. We provide home & yard inspections to help identify the issue and find and remove it; ineffective do-it-yourself remedies are not required. Ehlers Pest Management streamlines and modernizes the pest control process with digitalized and detailed reports, real-time reporting, world-class software, and automated billing.

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