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Ants are common in Waukesha and often invade homes or businesses. Ehlers Pest Management provides expert ant extermination in Waukesha using eco-friendly methods. Our Waukesha pest control technicians inspect your property, identify the ant species, find the source and implement a customized ant removal solution. Trust Ehlers Pest Management for quality ant control service without gimmicks to rid your Waukesha home or commercial building of ant infestations. As Waukesha's local pest experts, we treat ant problems and keep them away for good.

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Common Ants We Exterminate in Waukesha

  1. Big Headed Ants - Big headed ants are large black ants. They build nests in moist wood and get into houses for water.
  2. Carpenter Ants - Carpenter ants burrow into wood to form nest galleries. Severe infestations severely damage the structural integrity of a home.
  3. Crazy Ants - Crazy ants wander erratically and quickly infest homes in high numbers. They are drawn to electricity and moisture.
  4. Pavement Ants - Pavement ants build nests under stones, patio blocks, sidewalks and other concrete areas on a property.
  5. Pharaoh Ants - Pharaoh ants are a small but mighty species. They rapidly multiply into large colonies inside homes.
  6. Thief Ants - Thief ants forage for food inside kitchens and pantries, nesting inside walls, floorboards and insulation.

Carpenter Ants are the Most Common Infestation in Waukesha

We are often called to exterminate carpenter ants in Waukesha. Carpenter ants prefer moist wood, which is found in older Waukesha homes.

Carpenter ants are challenging to eliminate without proper expertise, as killing scouts alone will not solve the problem. Identifying carpenter ants is tricky, but they usually have dark bodies, bent antennae and grow up to 5/8” long. While they typically nest in trees, during warmer months, they infiltrate buildings, often targeting wooden structures like porches, windows and door frames. Call immediately if you notice an infestation in late winter or early spring, as this suggests an indoor infestation. Sightings in late spring or summer usually indicate outdoor nests.

Signs Your Waukesha Property Has an Ant Infestation

How can you tell if your Waukesha home or business has an ant problem? Ants marching in lines, swarming around food sources and gathering near moisture are indications. Ants often appear in the kitchen, bathroom or other areas as they forage for food.

Ant droppings (small black specks) near nesting sites indicate your property is infested. Carpenter ants create sawdust-like material when excavating wood. Seeing winged ants emerge means a colony is mature and reproducing. If you observe trails of ants, they have established pathways from the nest to food - a clear sign it's time to call Ehlers Pest Management for ant removal in Waukesha.

5 Signs It’s Time To Call

  • Ants marching in lines or swarming food sources
  • Ants gathering near moisture
  • Presence of droppings and sawdust-like material
  • Emergence of winged ants
  • Established ant trails

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Waukesha Carpenter Ant Extermination Services

For the best results in eliminating carpenter ants in Waukesha, bring in our experienced pest control specialists. The Ehlers Pest Management ant extermination team has extensive experience with the pet-friendly removal of carpenter ants. We have wiped out infestations in hundreds of Waukesha homes. Our team actively focuses on completely eliminating your ant problem. You won't have to worry about being sold an unnecessary 12-month program. With automated billing, digitized reports, detailed reports, world-class software and real-time reporting, we make carpenter ant extermination in Waukesha smooth and straightforward.

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