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Ehlers Pest Management Locates & Exterminates Pest Problems

bug, rodent, and other pest inspections for Milwaukee homes & businesses

There are millions of unique and amazing animals and insect species native to Wisconsin, the only problem is that some of them think they’re also native to your home.

Ensure Your Milwaukee Home or Business Doesn't Have A Pest Problem 

When pests make themselves at home in your house or yard, they invite the whole family. That’s why at the first sign of an infestation it’s crucial to investigate further and act accordingly to prevent any serious damages to protect your family and prevent any damages to your property. Droppings are a surefire sign of pests, and they can be identified by size and shape. If you see gnawed wood, plastic, or electrical wiring, you may have a rodent infestation. If you see small casings, droppings, and stains on your bed, or small bites on your skin, you may have a bed bug problem. At the first sign, call Ehlers. 

Ehlers Pest Management provides home and yard inspections in Milwaukee County to locate and eliminate any pest problem that may be festering near your home. Using Ehlers 4-Step Approach, our veteran exterminators will assess the extent of an infestation, or whether it’s an infestation at all. Then they will identifyand monitor the pests and implement preventative, or elimination services as necessary. 

Ehlers Pest Management provides the most thorough and environmentally responsible pest extermination services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, 

Ehlers provides home & yard inspections for pest infestations such as: Kenosha, Racine and beyond. If you suspect that you may have a pest problem in your home or yard, contact Ehlers Pest Management and to get an inspection today! You can also check out our pest identification guide to learn more about what pests look like, how to detect them, and where they live. 

If you need fast and reliable pest extermination services, contact Ehlers Pest Management today!