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Fly Control Services for Homes and Commercial Buildings in the Milwaukee Area

Fly Infestation Food Processing Plant Milwaukee

The professional exterminators at Ehlers Pest Management have extensive experience identifying and exterminating a variety of flies native to our area. Our fly removal treatment begins with identifying the fly species inhabiting your home or commercial building. Depending on what kind of flies you have, we may suggest organic pest control methods first, including non-toxic traps.

Flies in general are relatively harmless, but when you have an infestation of them in your home or commercial building, flies can start to pose a danger to you and the people around you. In great numbers, flies can: 

  • Carry diseases such as salmonella, E. coli and cholera
  • Contaminate food and drink with fecal matter
  • Breed quickly and overrun your home or office building

For larger fly infestations our Milwaukee exterminators may use chemical-based applications to target key problem areas with exceptional precision. Before we leave, our exterminators will provide you with important tips on how to prevent fly problems in the future, including sanitation, structural exclusion, and environmental modifications. Whatever your fly problem is, our pest control experts can help. Call Ehlers Pest Management today to set up an appointment with us. 

If you think your home or office building has a fly infestation, our team of professionals will be here to help!




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Signs You May Have a Fly Infestation

  • Seeing egg clusters – A house fly will lay up to 900 eggs in her lifetime, and she will lay them in filthy, moist areas inside warm enclosures, like the damp corners of kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Seeing maggots – The fly eggs will hatch into maggots, or small worm-like white larvae. They are often found in the same filthy, moist areas the eggs are laid in.
  • Numerous flies indoors – Seeing one or two flies in the house wouldn’t be considered an infestation. If flies are continuously breeding inside your home, large numbers will keep showing up and will not disappear without intervention.

If you think you have a fly infestation on your southeast Wisconsin property, call the professionals at Ehlers Pest Management today to get an estimate on our affordable, environmentally-friendly extermination services


Wisconsin Fly Control Identification

Blow (Bottle) FliesFly Extermination Racine

The blow fly, or bottle fly, is metallic green, blue, or copper depending on the species. This species of fly ranges in size from ¼ inch to 3/8 inch. Blow flies spend the warm summer months nesting in homes or buildings. They are attracted to food odors and air currents from cracks around windows and doors or through doors opened for ventilation. Garbage bins, dumpsters, and rotting vegetative matter are blow flies' favorite breeding grounds. Dozens of blow flies suddenly appearing in a building signifies the rotting presence of a dead animal.

Cluster FliesCluster fly extermination near Milwaukee, WI

Cluster flies are black medium-sized flies growing up to 3/8 inch long. Like box elder bugs and ladybugs, cluster flies infest warm buildings to survive the winter. Cluster flies swarm the southern and western walls of Wisconsin buildings and homes in early autumn and nest in crevices throughout the winter.

Face FliesFace fly extermination near Milwaukee, WI

The face fly is dark gray with four stripes on top of the thorax, about ¼ inches long (identical to a house fly). Face flies prefer breeding in fresh animal manure, commonly found in rural buildings near farms. Like cluster flies, face flies retreat to the warm crevices and cracks of heated buildings during the winter.

Fruit Flies

Fruit fly extermination near Milwaukee, WIFruit flies are tan or brown with red eyes about a 1/8 inch in length. They are generally carried into homes and commercial facilities on fruits and vegetables. Fruit flies love food preparation environments like home kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, food plants, and any other food processing facility. Indoors, fruit flies nest in trash and recycling containers, leftover food, dirty coolers, and garbage disposals. Outdoors, fruit flies like to frequent Dumpsters.

The Residential and Commercial Exterminators Milwaukee and Surrounding Areas Turn to First When Pest Problems Surface

Ehlers provides residential and commercial pest control services in southeast Wisconsin, including Racine and Kenosha counties. We provide chemical and organic pest control for:

  • Single and multi-story homes
  • Apartments/condos/townhouses
  • Small offices/corporate high rises
  • Hotels/restaurants/retail stores
  • Food and beverage facilities
  • Industrial factories and plants
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