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Eliminate Your Vole Infestation from Your Southeast Wisconsin PropertyVole Pest Control Kenosha

Get rid of your vole infestation without using unreliable store-bought kits or repellants. Ehlers Pest Management eradicates voles, rats, and mice from your Wisconsin property with our environmentally-friendly pest control method that’s safe for use around pets and children.

No matter if voles are infesting your residence or commercial business, the professionals at Ehlers are here to help! We can rid your property of whatever type of vermin infestation you may have, including:

  • House mice
  • Roof rats
  • Deer mice
  • Norway rats

No matter how big or small your rodent infestation might be, the professional exterminators at Ehlers Pest Management are here to help you get rid of those pests once and for all.

Signs You May Have a Vole Infestation

  • Seeing them – voles are small mouse-like critters with coarse brown fur, and they often form burrows and tunnels in your yard. They’re relatively harmless, except they often destroy the gardens and trees of the yards they’ve infested.
  • Runways and burrows on your property – a good indicator of a vole infestation is visible burrows in your yard. They’re usually well-defined surface runways a couple inches wide, and usually found in grassy areas with a lot of plants. 
  • Wilted plants – voles often feed on plant roots, meaning most plants will wilt and die in an area where voles have infested. When vegetation is scarce, voles will gnaw and eat the bark of a tree, usually only about a few inches around the base of the trunk.
  • Voles caught in traps – before calling a pest control professional about your suspected vole problem, set mouse traps around your yard and bait them with apples or peanut butter. If you catch a vole within the first day or two, then you’ve likely got an infestation.

Think you may have a vole infestation at your Wisconsin property? Call the professionals at Ehlers Pest Management to schedule an appointment with us and we can assess your vole infestation.

Signs You May Have a Vole Infestation

For more identification tips, check out our pest identifcation guide.

Call the professionals at Ehlers Pest Management to schedule an appointment, and we will assess your vole infestation.

Assess Your Wisconsin Vole Problem with the Help of Ehlers

You don't have to put up with voles and other critters ruining your yard or garden—call Ehlers Pest Management to get rid of your infestation safely and effectively. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system helps us find the best way to exterminate pests and vermin infesting your home or commercial property.

Contact Ehlers Pest Management today for more information about our residential and commercial Wisconsin vole pest control services!