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Bed bugs infiltrate homes everywhere. They’re small enough to hide in crevices and cracks, making DIY extermination very difficult. Do-it-yourself bed bug treatments are notorious for being ineffective and amplifying the problem. Without the help of a professional bed bug exterminator, it is nearly impossible to find and eradicate an entire infestation.

Fortunately, Ehlers Pest Management's LOCALY OWNED & OPERATED Company has well trained bed bug exterminators with extensive experience eliminating bed bug infestations in any setting. If you've got an infestation at your commercial property, we can take care of your bad-for-business bugs too!

Bed bug extermination is achievable through a combination of methods; manual removal, thermal remediation (heat treatment), and pesticide applications. Call us near Milwaukee, and get it handled quickly.

Bed Bug Extermination Milwaukee

Common Places Bed Bugs Are Found


The average cost of bed bug treatment in Wisconsin ranges from $300-$2,500 for residential homeowners and $1,000-$5,000 for commercial properties. The actual cost could vary based on several factors, such as the severity of the infestation, the size of the affected area and the type of treatment used (chemical, heat or other methods).

We are LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED! Since we’re not a Big-Box or franchise operation, our prices tend to be lower than the big-name pest control companies, and OUR SERVICE AND RESULTS ARE UNMATCHED! Ehlers focuses on locating the source of your bed bug problem and eliminating it—not just applying a quick fix other competitors are known for. Although many pest problems require ongoing treatments, we strive for flexible, cost-effective solutions instead of locking you into a contract, stringing you along and never actually solving the problem. 


3 Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Bites on your skin

Bed bugs will bite exposed skin (legs, arms, back of the neck), leaving you with itchy, burning red welts.


As bed bugs grow, they shed their skin and leave casings underneath pillows, beds, mattresses and in mattress seams.

Droppings and Stains

Black and brown stains on your sheets come from bed bug droppings and squashed bed bugs when they're feeding.

Bed Bug Identification

Bed bugs are reddish-brown and about ¼ inch long. They are mostly nocturnal since they hide during the day and feed when you are asleep. Common hiding places are in bedroom clutter, bedding, the seams of mattresses, furniture upholstery, and even small gaps in wallpaper. Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, exude a musty odor, and untreated infestation will get worse very quickly.

For more identification tips, check out our pest identification guide.


Eliminating Bed Bugs Isn't a DIY Project

Forget about those store-bought foggers and mattress wrappers. They might kill some of the bed bugs in your home, but they won't get the ones in hiding. Our bed bug services start with a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the bed bug infestation and a customized treatment solution that eliminates your problem without nonsense. Effective control methods and follow-up care ensure your bed bug problems are gone for good. 

Effective Control Methods

Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are a proven method for killing bed bugs. The special heaters used to exterminate bed bugs is intense, with a temperature reaching 120 to 135°F for several hours to kill the bed bugs and their eggs hidden in nooks and crannies. When we're done, your bed bug problem is over.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to replicate a heat treatment by turning up your thermostat and running space heaters, or worse, kerosene heaters. Not only is it unlikely you will ever reach anything close to the temperature necessary to kill bed bugs, but you may end up accidentally causing a fire.

Chemical Control

Bed bugs are tenacious insects, and they've become increasingly resistant to the most commonly used insecticides. A bed bug pro doesn't let bed bugs adapt, a pro exterminates.

Other exterminators like to rely on excessive use of poisons and chemicals to get rid of your problem which have an effect on your home and its inhabitants. At Ehlers Pest Management, we first use low-impact methods such as mechanical devices, nontoxic traps, and pet-friendly pest control products before ever bringing harmful chemicals into the process.


If you're concerned about the environment it doesn’t cut it to hire a pest control company to come into your home and spray harsh chemicals and set poison-filled traps all over. At Ehlers Pest Management, our exclusive 4-step approach uses chemicals judiciously and effectively without creating a hazard for pets or children.

Pest control is important for any home, and you can trust that Ehler's Pest Management will provide it, all while safeguarding the health of humans, pets and the environment.

For more identification tips, check out our pest identifcation guide.

Bed Bug Exterminators for Hotels, Apartments and other Multi-Unit Buildings

As a landlord, having bed bugs in a hotel or apartment can have disastrous effects on your business. All it takes is one review for your hotel or apartment building to be blacklisted.

Many people think bed bugs are only an issue in bad neighborhoods, but the fact is these blood-sucking parasites get into nice areas, too. They could hitch a ride in or on a traveler's suitcase; no matter how your building became infested with bed bugs, Ehlers Pest Management will get rid of them.

Who Pays for Bed Bug Extermination: Tenant or Landlord?

Wisconsin Statute 740.07 requires landlords to provide a habitable place for tenants. When it comes to bedbugs, the law is a bit tricky. If it wasn't the tenant's fault that the unit became infested with bed bugs, it's the landlord's responsibility to cover the costs of an exterminator. If the infestation can be shown to have been caused by the tenant, then the tenant can be held liable for the cost of an exterminator. 

Determining fault and who should cover the costs of bed bug extermination services is a rabbit hole of legalities. Our best advice is to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. Once the infestation is gone, you can deal with the issue of financial responsibility.

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Your Local, Family-Owned Alternative to Franchise Pest Control Companies

Ehlers Pest Management isn’t a franchise. We’re a family-owned and operated business with a dedicated team of experienced exterminators. When you call Ehlers, chances are John Ehlers himself will take your call. While other pest control companies do the bare minimum, your bed bug problem is our top priority. We’re not the next cheap solution, just focused on providing flexible, no-nonsense pest control.

From our home base in Racine, we serve homeowners and businesses throughout southeast Wisconsin, including:

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